Nina, 1940

Bias cut, crepe satin,

silk, blue red,

jazz, jazz, jazz!

1920 is the first Milanese brand of vintage wedding dresses founded by Stefania Gentile. The collection is composed of original vintage wedding dresses from the early twentieth century to the fifties, and reproduction models called Replica.


Fiamma, crêpe satin 1935

In 1920 famous boxer Jack Johnson opened  the Club Deluxe on the corner of 142nd Street and Lenox Avenue in the central Harlem.

Owney Madden, a white gangster, took over the club in 1923, and renamed it Cotton Club. Cotton Club has been a famous night club and jazz club in New York during and after prohibition, where some famous orchestras and artists such as Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway performed.

It was also one of the places where swing dance lindy hop became famous.

At last, Etta James


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